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Hoursec Enhancing Computing technology was born after a research invention that went through fortunate steps for implementation and shaped us as an Innovative Startup. We reduce in three thousand percent the energy requirements for Deep Neural Network models training and inference requirements. This guarantees the reduction in data storage and movement for data analysis. Hoursec inspiration on Synaptic functioning, allow us to MAXIMIZE the ratio of information transmitted per epoch. Thanks to our theoretical re-thinking for an Optimal Algorithmic Design Tool, we have a granular approach to Complex Systems. We also have the Datacenter approach on the sense of blending Optimization and Analytics but we have the resources of a Startup, this is what make us resourceful and fast, just at the edge.

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Our products are based on innovative technologies developed by us in a close collaboration with research institutes


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Anomaly detection in gravitational waves data
Particle Physics
Processing LHC data

Alexandra Pinto

Filip Morawski

Edoardo Charbon


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