Speeding-Up Computation from Hours to Seconds

Real-Time training and inference On-A-Chip.

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Hoursec is an innovative machine learning architecture that reduces by up to 80% the amount of data needed for training learning algorithms, as a consequence, for the first time in the semiconductor industry, we are capable of doing both, training and inference on a same chip. As a first application for our breakthrough, we are creating an AI- assisted real-time processing of data transmission in parallel with inference processing. Continuous training, error-correction, and inference in real time. Consequently, we aim to reduce energy required for computation – lower power, faster simultaneous training and inference. Depending on the size requirements of our customers, we can offer a plug and play solution from the centimeter-scale to the nanometer-scale for deployments in the proximity of sensors and actuators. The flexibility for miniaturization, expands our investment and customer opportunities.


The beauty of creating an innovative computing paradigm, is that it gives us absolute flexibility.

Retail, Surveillance.

Integrated real-time training and inference sensor solution with MegaPixel resolution. Detection and classification.

Autonomous Driving, Robotics.

Accelerated Simulations for Embedded Systems and Control together with localization and sensing for planning.

Finance, Healthcare, Insurance

Fast Quantum Monte Carlo, risk analysis and high dimensional data analytics for autonomous predictive decisions.

Quantum Imaging, Satellite

Remote sensing under the lowest energy, area and power conditions.

Our technology

Our core product
Training and Inference On-Chip
Anomaly detection in gravitational waves data
Particle Physics
Processing LHC data
Space Applications
AI Tracking and Imaging on Satellite.

Alexandra Pinto

Domain Expert Neural Systems and Computation

Jesse van Bemmelen

Financial Economics, Experienced Investment Analyst

Behzad Salami

Domain Expert Computer Science and High Performance Computing

Edoardo Charbon

Domain Expert Quantum Microarchitectures


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Drops of thought

Cloud computing insights.

A grasp of one of our pillars, what Hoursec develops, shape and amplify.

Human-machine boundary insights.

The machine: Knowledge and Information are power but requires energy. The human: Energy efficient decision maker. Hoursec: Fast and accurate decisions at the edge.

Deterministic until creativity surges.

As a research institute and Startup, we live and breath creativity. It is crucially important to distinguish the human from the machine by creativity.

Competitive Entrepreneurship.

Truly innovating focusing on our customer. We don't have competition but satisfied customers.

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