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Hoursec is an innovative machine learning architecture that reduces by up to 80% the amount of data needed for optimising learning algorithms, as a consequence, for the first time in the semiconductor industry, we are capable of doing both, continuous training and inference on a same chip. As a first application for our breakthrough, we are creating an anomaly detector for deep fakes in the financial market and preventive maintenance for manufacturing. Consequently, we reduce the energy required for computation – lower power, faster high performance simulations.


Real-time and embedded systems. High Performance computing & real-time, FPGA, DSP, SoC. Our Architecture offers IP flexibility for different markets in need of Software/Hardware acceleration.

Anomaly Detector and Deep Fakes control system.

Integrated real-time training and inference solution for microcontrolers sensors and detectors. Recognising real events is a concern from particle detectors, gravitational waves to financial transactions and defense. This is why, we designed an FPGA baseed plug&play solution that runs off the cloud.

Speeding-Up High Performance Computing Simulations and data center workloads.

From Hours to Seconds Monte Carlo simulations, risk analysis and high dimensional data analytics for autonomous predictions. For industries that understand the value of locally executed nanosecond speed-ups.

Our projects

Anomaly detection in gravitational waves data
Particle Physics
Processing LHC data
Space Applications
AI Tracking and Imaging on Satellite.

Alexandra Pinto - CEO

Neural Systems and Computation expert.

Dr. Behzad Salami - CTO

High Performance Computing expert.

Prof. Dr. Mathieu Luisier

Technical Advisor.

Markus Oswald

Business Advisor.

Berend Bouwmeester

Head of Scaling and commerce.

Marios Panourgias

AI applied architectures team leader.

Ayoub Sadeghi

Microarchitectures Design team leader.


You can find us at:

Drops of thought

Cloud computing insights.

A grasp of one of our pillars, what Hoursec develops, shape and amplify.

Human-machine boundary insights.

The machine: Knowledge and Information are power but requires energy. The human: Energy efficient decision maker. Hoursec: Fast and accurate decisions at the edge.

Deterministic until creativity surges.

As a research institute and Startup, we live and breath creativity. It is crucially important to distinguish the human from the machine by creativity.

Competitive Entrepreneurship.

Truly innovating focusing on our customer. We don't have competition but satisfied customers.

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