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Hoursec’s energy efficient AI-On-Chip technology was born after a neuroscientific research invention that went through the fortunate steps for implementation, shaping us as an innovative startup. This gave us the breakthrough to reduce the energy requirements for AI workloads by a factor of 3000X. With Hoursec, customers can achieve sustainable training and inference for real-time business decisions. Hoursec’s inspiration from brain-inspired synaptic functioning, allows us to maximise the ratio of information transmission by giving flexibility and a high throughput characteristics found in the brain. Thanks to our theoretical and interdisciplinary re-thinking of computation, we have a granular approach to simulating complex systems for IoT and edge computing. Our sustainable AI-On-Chip platform offers optimisation and analytics right from the Data Centre, to devices at the network’s Edge.


Retail, Surveillance.

Integrated real-time training and inference sensor solution with MegaPixel resolution. Detection and classification.

Autonomous Driving, Robotics.

Accelerated Simulations for Embedded Systems and Control together with localization and sensing for planning.

Finance, Healthcare, Insurance

Fast Quantum Monte Carlo, risk analysis and high dimensional data analytics for autonomous predictive decisions.

Quantum Imaging, Satellite

Remote sensing under the lowest energy, area and power conditions.

Our technology

Our core product
Training and Inference On-Chip
Anomaly detection in gravitational waves data
Particle Physics
Processing LHC data
Space Applications
AI Tracking and Imaging on Satellite.

Alexandra Pinto

Domain Expert Neural Systems and Computation

Johannes Emigholz

Industrial Engineer, Experienced Entrepreneur

Edoardo Charbon

Domain Expert Quantum Engineering


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