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Hoursec Energy Efficient AI-On-Chip technology was born after a neuroscientific research invention that went through fortunate steps for implementation that shaped us as an Innovative Startup. This gave us the breakthrough to reduce in a factor of three thousand (3000X), the energy requirements for AI workloads. With Hoursec, our customers have sustainable training and inference for real-time Business Decisions. Hoursec inspiration on Synaptic functioning, allow us to MAXIMIZE the ratio of information transmission given by the flexibility and high throughput that is characteristic of how the brain works. Thanks to our theoretical re-thinking for computation, we have a granular approach to simulate Complex Systems for IoT and Edge Computing. Our sustainable AI-On-Chip platform offers Optimization and Analytics from the Data Center to Edge devices.

Our Services

Innovative R&D

Our products are based on innovative technologies developed by us in close collaboration with international research institutes and universities around the world.

From the lab to commercialization

Our Artificial Intelligence breakthrough is revolutionizing industries such as Automotive, healthcare, Retail, Surveillance, Robotics, Manufacturing, and Finance. Our AI-On-Chip technology is highly scalable, flexible, and robust. We help enterprises lower the costs of AI deployment with the best-in-class energy trademark for sustainable AI workloads.

Machine Learning SW/HW Customer-centric strategies

We offer the highest quality solutions confirmed by publications in the best scientific journals. Together with our business and development strategies, we reach product-market fit from our innovations. We offer strategic solutions targeting your required machine learning throughput and autonomous data pipelines.

Engineering the Future

From gravitational waves to voice assistants, we understand the value of engineering and our proprietorship Training and Inference On-Chip guarantees the most energy-efficient implementation of Machine Learning in the market.

Our technology

Our core product
Training and Inference On-Chip
Anomaly detection in gravitational waves data
Particle Physics
Processing LHC data

Alexandra Pinto - Founder

Domain Expert Neural Systems and Computation

Filip Morawski - Head of Data Analytics

Domain Expert Astrophysics

Edoardo Charbon - Technical Board

Domain expert Quantum Engineering

Mike Beunder - Business Board

Experienced Semiconductor engineer and Founder


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